How do I get started? 

Click on 'start your free trial' and create an account. 

Do I need to be a member of the studio? 

No. You can sign up for The Hot Room NOW and practice anytime and anywhere. We do recommend that if you are in the Indianapolis and Chicago area that you visit our studios. Just email us at info@thehotroom.com

If I am a annual or monthly member, is my subscription to The Hot Room NOW free? 

Anyone can access one week free and go on to purchase unlimited access for $39/month or $399/year: HERE. Our annual/monthly members with an active membership receive a FREE TRIAL for 3 months and once the three month trial expires, you have the option to continue your subscription for $39/month.

Do I need to use same account information as my MindBody login? 

No, you do not, but it might be easier to remember your login for all things The Hot Room! 

How do I play the classes? 

The good news is you can watch from any device with a cellular (check your data plan) or WiFi connection. Stay tuned for more information as we plan to launch several apps to improve your streaming experience.  

You can also access this video giving you an overview about The Hot Room NOW. 

How can I cancel my subscription? 

You simply go to your 'manage account' and cancel subscription. When you decide to join us again, add a new subscription to your account. There are no cancelation or setup fees. Just sad faces to see you go. Any questions, you can always email info@thehotroom.com

Will the current virtual library still be available ? 

The Hot Room NOW is the NEW and IMPROVED virtual library. More content and more classes on a very easy-to-use platform you can access on your own time and anywhere. The virtual library will no longer be available effective June 4, 2020.  

What is teamhotroom.com? 

Teamhotroom.com is our monthly and annual member private Facebook community page. It's a great place to make friends, ask questions about your practice and access additional content. We've built a large community from all over and we would love The Hot Room NOW members to join too. This is free and part of your subscription.  

Can I do this if I am new to yoga? 

Absolutely yes! This yoga is designed for beginners. Don’t worry. Show up on your mat with a positive attitude and just do the best you can. Your best is always enough. Yoga is a lifetime practice and it begins with your very first class. 

What if I am not flexible? 

This is the most common misconception about yoga that prevents people from practicing yoga. However, it should actually be one of the BEST reasons you practice yoga . All the postures are beginning postures and you do not need to be flexible to practice them. It is not how flexible you are, it’s about the attitude that you bring to your mat. Try the right way, challenge yourself and you will get 100% benefit.